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Helping You Find The Best Travel Options for the Arctic and Antarctica

Planning a trip to the Polar regions can be overwhelming. It’s an endeavor that demands expert and unbiased advice. When you work with Polar Travel Advisors, you will know exactly the value of your significant investment and receive personalized and tailored services from point of contact right through until you have completed your voyage.

Antarctica Travel Expert

Planning a trip to a remote place
like this can be overwhelming.

We are here to help
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Five Reasons to Plan Your Adventure with Us

  1. One point of contact. We are a small family owned and agency that is focused on working with you for your trip to get you what you want and what you need. We work hard to give personalized service from the time you contact us to the time you travel. If you have questions that we can not answer we have the connections to get you the information you need. We work as a concierge through out the planning and travel portions of your trip.

  2.  A client centered process. We treat each client as unique and we will listen to what you are looking for in your experience and recommend accordingly. We will never push an experience on you that you don't feel is the right fit. We work hard to earn your trust as we plan all the details of your trip so that you get exactly what you want from your expedition experience.

  3. We can bring you extras. As a Virtuoso affiliated agency we have access to perks and extra amenities that can be added to your trip. Not only are these available to you at no extra cost,  but also these are perks that you can not get if you book on your own. Depending on what interests you these perks could be additional shipboard credit, upgrades to your experience, or maybe even a private shore excursion. By choosing us to book your trip you will receive these added values simply as part of your expedition experience and pay no more than if you had booked your trip another way.

  4. We've got the details. We pride ourselves on ensuring the fine details are covered. When you book with us you only need to focus on enjoying your trip. From travel insurance assistance to, packing tips - we will offer advice in advance of your trip so you can just focus on the anticipation of the trip itself.

  5. Extend your trip. The team at our sister company McKee Travel is expert at flight and hotel details, and you will receive a seamless experience as we can arrange anything you might want for your pre and post expedition time.

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