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Hello End of the World

When traveling to Antarctica most ships leave from the very tip of South American and the southern most city of the world: Ushuaia. So after a few days full of tango and empanadas we said goodbye to Buenos Aires, and had a transition day down to Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world. Our flight from BA took 3 1/2 hours in the air to give you an idea of how far south we went.

After we settled into our hotel and walked around the town a bit and we then had dinner in the evening. We followed a recommendation from my friend Chris Hanna who has been here a few times, and went to an Argentine barbecue restaurant. Now this, of course, is nothing like barbecue in North Carolina but rather all kinds of meats cooked over an open fire grill.

The restaurant is Parilla la Estancia and they really did have an all you can eat option with a big salad bar, although there was no red/green signal for the waiter to give you more.  We opted instead to have the grilled meat platter for one which the waiter assured us would actually feed both of us - it was huge so that was a good call! Pair that with a really good Malbec wine and an Argentine special dessert flan and we definitely are way through the tastes of the destinations.

The following day and we boarded our expedition ship in the afternoon. Then two days of crossing the notoriously rough Drake passage lies ahead starting this evening. We got prescription anti-nausea patches (which a friend assures me is the only way to go across the Drake) and hoped for the best. Since the side effect is drowsiness we figured that we could sleep our way past any sea-sickness. We were not sure that will get rough water because the what they say about the Drake passages is that it’s either the Drake quake or a Drake lake. But no matter what you get it's all part of the experience of visiting Antarctica. We prepared for the trip the night before with a nice Malbec : )

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