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  • Carol Mckee

The Last Excursion

The last excursion was supposed to take place in the bay next to where we climbed the hill and held up the Antarctica flag. But the excursion team decided the weather was too bad to go out into that area. So instead we traveled north and they took us up to a place called the Graham passage.

This was a sheltered channel that seemed more like a bay between Continental land and Murray island. It was filled with glaciers.

We saw very little wildlife, but that was OK because the beauty of this place was the mountains and all the glaciers. We spent about an hour and a half riding around the perimeter and saw a couple of glaciers calf with a big loud crack.

There was rumbling coming from all around and our heads swung around many times as we waited for more ice to fall.

It was a beautiful place and everyone in the zodiac. Wow was quiet as we come completed the beauty of this place. it was not cold, because in this little protected area, there was no wind and we had a beautiful patch of blue sky breakthrough as we were finishing up our zodiac tour.

It’s hard to communicate, how beautiful, terrible, and gigantic everything is when you’re down here in Antarctica. The pictures just don’t do it justice.

Back to the ship we go. That evening, we headed into the Drake passage. We are still there now today and the seas are a little bit rough or as our expedition leader Woody said the Drake is flexing its muscle. We are fine, however, because of those miraculous prescription motion sickness patches!

Next stop is a Ushuaia, and for us this afternoon a flight to Buenos Aires and then onward towards home. I hate that this is over because it’s been absolutely fantastic! We both agree we will come back here again in and just do a different itinerary next time . Antarctica is a big place and I can’t wait to see more of it in the future.

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